Friday, June 18, 2010

Vintage Butterfly Boots...Cool Look and Style

Wow...Butterfly Boots. How much cooler can it get? I love the famous, infamous, and notoriously beautiful art of Butterfly Boots.
These are some of the boots I've scrounged over the years...all are Stewart-Romero made boots.
Stewart-Romeros were a combination of Stewart boots of Tucson, AZ and Romero boots from Mexico...and I got really excited about these because I'd worn Stewarts when I was a drugstore cowboy back in Tucson in the 1970s. Once I discovered Romero boots, I did a little research and found out the two boot makers combined efforts in the 1950s in Los Angeles for Stewart-Romero Boots. They made some outrageously beautiful boots represented in the picture above...Butterfly Boots were one of their trademark styles.
I have some of my old Stewarts still and I have one pair of Romero boots I found here in Austin. The Stewart-Romeros I have I rustled from a few different locations.
One time I asked my boot maker, Rusty Franklin, to replicate the Stewart stitching on a pair of boots he was making for me...his response was, "can't do it without loosing part of pattern." The reason was, I'd shortened the top so much he couldn't get it all on there...I stuck with the shorter top and Rusty's stock top stitch.
I'll get y'all some pics of Rusty's boots too...he's retired, but he was an excellent bootmaker from San Angelo, Texas..."hat's off to ya' Rusty."
I'll show y'all a pair or two of my Stewarts and the Romero boots I have...Stewart may have been the only maker to use horsehide rather than cowhide for their boots. They had the great "Texas toe" and wear like a champ and they're still in business.
Until then, yippie-ki-yo-ki-yea and keep an eye peeled for way cool Butterfly Boots...hasta luego and good hunting.

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