Monday, June 21, 2010

Stewart Boots - Romero Boots...Then Stewart-Romeros of the1950s you've got the individual boots of the Stewart Boot Company of Tucson, AZ on the left and the Romero Boot Company from Mexico on the right.
If you look critically, you'll see the components of each of their designers, artists, and makers in the Butterfly Boots in the prior blog.
Check out the collar of the both boots...very similar and in the Stewart-Romeros they just made the collective style a cut-out overlay with the same general pattern.
The throat of both boots is almost identical...that's the part in front going up from the vamp connecting to the upper part of the boot. When they made Stewart-Romeros, they really didn't change it because both companies did it the same...and that is a true "artist mark" for most boot makers.
Fancy boots were popularized by the movie cowboys of the 1930s through 1950s. When Stewart and Romero teamed up to open a boot shop in Los Angeles in the was paramount. Tom Mix had boots with a heel so pointed it just covered a quarter. Gene and Roy had boots desired by kids of the time.
With the success of these western movies, singing cowboys, and cowboy heroes everyone wanted to be part of the action...and, Stewart-Romero did some outstanding work.
The toes of Stewart-Romeros were a slight compromise between the two boot companies, and were a "hog nose" square which was a 1" undercut. The wingtip overlays were pure Romero as was the counter of the boot...I've never seen Stewart do anything as fancy.
It was a great joint venture which produced some very cool boots...still found today.
Keep an eye out for Stewart Boots, Romero Boots, and Stewart-Romero Boots.
I've recently found some very cool examples at second-hand shops, eBay, and other can still be done.
Happy hunting and keep searching for cool stuff, like you'll find at ...hasta luego.

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Unknown said...

Great article! I have a pair of bucking horse Stewart and Romero boots. The detail is just incredible. Hearts and stars marked. I believe they are from the 40's