Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rockabilly Jackets...Too Cool for Sunday School

This is the coolest Rockabilly jacket ever...created at Roadhouse Antiques, there's not another one like it anywhere. I created this for some snap and pizzaz when hanging around Austin...and boy does it generate a buzz when I wear it.
I had this one made when I couldn't find what I was looking for in a short cut, mariachi style western jacket. And, since there wasn't anything out there that blew my socks off, I decided to create one for myself.
Since I had this one done, I've made two others for myself and couple for other people...my ex has one she fell in love with.
What I discovered while making these was it was a lot easier making jackets for guys than for gals...sorry about that ladies, but you just have more curves to worry about...I could do custom work in making women's jackets but if I didn't have the exact measurements, it's a crap shoot.
Anyhow, I have a few of these my closet...all different styles. And if I'm wearing one of 'em around town I'll get stopped by people on the street wanting to know where I got the jacket. I was wearing one at a show here in Austin one time and Mike Cavendar just kept staring at the coat. He couldn't quite figure it out...something was familar but then again it wasn't. Mike finally asked me, "did you make that jacket?" To which I replied "yep" with a big grin on my face.
Although, there are similar jackets out there by Scully and maybe some others, none quite have the look these do...mainly because they're custom made to fit me and I think we're cutting 'em a little shorter than off the rack jackets. I want that jacket sitting just above my belt so, if I've got a fancy belt with a great buckle it'll show.
I don't need all the jackets, so I've got this one up on Roadhouse Antiques' web site @ http://www.rocketranchroadhouse.com/ for sale...one thing for sure, if you have this jacket you won't ever meet yourself coming down the street because it's custom made and there ain't no more.
Kick up you heels and go boot scootin'...we'd love to see you waltz across Texas with the Rockabilly jacket and some great boots from the Roadhouse...hasta luego.

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