Friday, April 16, 2010

Mid-Century Meets Southwest

I've been posting more of the Native American works my website @ I've always had the eclectic decor which mixed my love for MCM furniture and accessories with my passion for Native American art. It seems the two may not be compatible or complimentary, but they seem to work well together.

Anyway, I'm moving out some of the Native American art pieces and offering them for others to enjoy...I just have more than I can really display. I figure what's the purpose of having works of art, if you can't adequately display them for your's or other's enjoyment?
I continue to change the decor in the house as pieces move in and through the inventory which I have available. That's one of the advantages of being a dealer, you get first pick of your own inventory...bring a piece in, take a piece out.

The fact that there's a surfboard in the living room which is lined by every skateboard I every skated bearing a cowboy hat which I wore at that time in my life seems natural to me...a little eclectic rather than eccentric.

Heck, I figure it's not eccentric, it's "colorful." As Strother Martin's character in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid said, "I'm not eccentric, I'm colorful." Of course he was shot right out of the saddle immediately following that statement, but that's another thing altogether.

I've brought MCM together with Southwestern to create a unique appeal and a place I enjoy spending my time.

So, more Southwestern art is up on the web and the MCM remains mostly on CL here in Austin...'cause it moves quickly and affords my local clientele quality at affordable prices. And, it's helpful and flattering to find my CL posts on other local blogs about Mid-Century Modernism in and around Austin.

The next show I'll be at is set for 24-25 April at Palmer Events Center here in Austin...City Wide Garage Sale, which is one of a kind for finding odd, unusual, unique offerings of all types at more than reasonable prices...hope to see you there!

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