Saturday, April 10, 2010

After Fayetteville...Back to Austin

Now that Antiques Weekend and the Fayetteville show is behind me and I've had a week to recover, I've been posting more Mid-Century and Danish Modern furniture and accessories on Austin's CL. I didn't take a lot of MCM to Fayetteville, just enough to give folks a taste of what I've been doing in Austin.

The show in Fayetteville was gruelling, as usual, with 12+ hour days and sleeping on a camp cot...then the craziest of all was on Friday 2 April I smacked a buzzard on Hwy 159 crashing in the windshield of my Suburban and sending glass all over me and the interior. I found a great place in Columbus, TX to fix it and was back in Fayetteville by noon.

It's been a wacky few weeks for the Suburban and my antique shows having it in the shop twice for transmission work and then the buzzard incident...but if you need auto repair work while in Austin, I highly recommend Adam Hall and his crew at River City Automotive...what I'd call fast and fair. I also recommend Juke Automotive about 2 blocks north of River City Auto...they did a great job for me also keeping me on the road.

Now back to what's up and for sale in the MCM and Danish Modern lines here at Roadhouse Antiques in Austin...I just a listed an absolutely fabulous Cathedral table from Broyhill's Brasilia Collection. It's in extraordinarily good condition with the original glass insert and ceramic can take a look @ I also have posted all of the MCM clocks, well there may be 1 or 2 still around the house I've not offered for sale but most are listed.

I sold a really great pair of "bouncer" garden chairs this morning along with a matching super light weight aluminum table...still have 1 aluminum table in the front yard along with a cool redwood and aluminum folding picnic table. There's a set of 3 redwood and aluminum folding garden/patio chairs and another set of was a set of 3 with the rocker but a lady wanted just the rocker and she took it home for a good price. I may be a little off with the MCM garden stuff, but I really go bugnuts over the redwood and aluminum outdoor furniture...I'm just ahead of headlights on the style. I think everyone will catch up soon, but it's my preference over the 50s fan backs. The redwood and aluminum folding pieces are the best for durability and style and just reek 1960s retro.

I've been working on repairing the stash of early coin-op games I have, so they are all off the trailer, cleaned and in excellent working we're talkin' some serious pin games from the beginning of the genre between 1929-1932. Games like O.D. Jenning's Victory Ball and 2 different Bally Hoo games...these were Bally's first games and 1 vends 10 balls for a nickel and the other vends 7 balls for a penny. I'll also have my Williams 1958 Short Stop Deluxe back from the shop in a few weeks. Steve Bronson with S & B Amusements here in Austin has totally shopped the game...who's ready for little pitch and bat baseball now the MLB season has opened?

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