Thursday, April 29, 2010

MCM Patio Furniture Favorites

I was wanting to get some feedback on everyone's favorite patio furniture from the 1950s - 1960s. This is a time where I have very vivid memories of the parties my parents used to host with friends, neighbors, and co-workers. My parents always had a galvanized tube full 7-Up and Coke chilled by a big block of ice my dad would get from the local ice house. We had a way-cool redwood and aluminum folding picnic table with matching benches and always an aluminum folding table for the food...we had a built-in brick fireplace in the backyard to grill the hot dogs and burgers.
There were these two Adirondack chairs my parents had which had to be painted each year...that was always my job. They were forever white, I don't think my folks ever thought about different colors...they were made by my dad and originally painted white and stayed white.
Remember the webbed aluminum folding chairs you could take camping and to the lake? We always had some of those plus the older fan-back or shell-back metal chairs...I had to paint those to about every other year.
But my all time favorites, still are, the folding redwood and aluminum chairs...they were just too cool for Sunday School...and I didn't have to paint 'em every Spring.
I just loved that style...and like I said, I still do. I buy 'em every time I get a chance. Needless to say there's a few hanging around right now.
I found another redwood and aluminum folding picnic table the other day...fell all over myself buying reminded me of the one from my youth. The last one I had got sold to the movie Secretariat which should be coming out soon. It was filmed in Lafayette, LA and Lexington, KY...I can't wait to spot the table and some of the other Mid-Century Modern furniture I sold as props. I tried to get the picnic table back after filming but one of the senior decorators had dibs on it...figures, it was cooler than to other side of the pillow.
I sure like to get know what your favorite MCM patio furniture is...let me know, maybe I'll find some...for me I'm bugnuts about the redwood and aluminum style.
I certainly sell a lot of fan-backs, floral punched, shell-backs, and metal patio furniture...but, around my house it's all about the redwood style...more later...hasta luego

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