Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Game Time...The Coin-op Craze

This time of the year is always a great time to remember and collect some super fun games from the past.
If it takes a coin to operate...I'm a player. I've been bug-nuts about coin-ops since I was a kid playing the jukebox, pinballs, gumballs, trade stimulators, or any other game that took a coin...usually a penny or a nickel in those days. Boy were they fun to play...requiring not only a coin, but usually some skill also. Like the Duck Hunter gumball in the got to shoot the penny right at the ducks. You always got a gumball, but you had some real fun getting it.
Some of my favorites were the "Pitch and Bat" baseball and a buddy could have a lot of fun playing those. Check out the Williams Shortstop Deluxe we have for sale on the website...super cool.
The holiday season always makes me think of the cool games from my youth...boy have things it's not about electro-mechanical, it's all digital. Skill is still required...I just like all the jingle-jangle bells & whistles and things moving & whirring as you played.
You can tell I really like these based on the stuff under Coin-Op/Arcade at still play 'em, fix 'em, and sell 'em.
Enjoy an old time arcade or coin-op game ...and rev up the fun old skool.

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