Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Accessorizing: The Final Touch

To me, adding the right accessories to your MCM decor can really set off the room...it can make it or break it. We talked about how you can successfully blend different styles such as the earlier "MCM Meets Southwest" article. Accessorizing can distinquish your decor, identify your style, and add enjoyment and pleasure for you and your guests.
Picking the right accessories can be a daunting task or a "walk in the park" depending on your decorating decisions.
You can make it easy if you know the theme you want. Is the theme color based, collection based, era based, or have some other basis?
Here's an example of how my decorator and I did my home...When we were choosing the accessories to add, my decorator kept asking me the same question..."What collections do you have?"
Well, that's why the guest bath walls are all covered in old Mexican sombreros of all sizes and styles.
That's also how we developed the backyard decor of old hubcaps on the patio and back fence...more on this little episode later...I don't know too many people who have 100s of old metal hubcaps just lying around.
Meanwhile back at the ranch...she took my different collections and began to theme each room.
The guest room looks like a 1950s high school sportsfan room...full of old athletic memorabilia, letter jackets, and pennants.
The living room has a surf/skate theme...and each skateboard has an old western hat hanging on it.
The game room has pinballs, slot machines, gumballs interspersed with old Ranch Oak furniture from the A. Brandt Furniture Co. from Fort Worth, TX.
So, my decor was collection based...from what I had collected or kept over the years...it is amazing how much of my accessories are things from my past I never threw out.
You can do it any way that works for you, but just the right set of lamps, just the right starburst clock, or just the right area rug, just the right cocktail set can really brighten a room and further establish your "style."
Good luck with accessorizing your decor.
Now, let's think about yard art and hubcaps...hasta luego

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